Cross-Country Ski School

If you can walk, you can ski!
Learn to cross country ski with pro video lessons.

Learn how to cross country ski with a complete beginning video lesson from 20-year veteran ski instructor, Emily Wexler. Emily covers the equipment, how to go, stop, turn, fall and get up, and enjoy the entire resort. Her easy-going style helps first-time skiers learn to enjoy the snow and the beautiful outdoors.

Full DVD
✓ 21 simple lessons.
✓ Watch the lessons on the trails.
✓ Cheaper than a single lesson.
✓ Professional quality.
✓ Take a walk in the woods.
✓ Learn at your own pace.

Chapters are downloaded (not streamed) so they can be watched off-line out on the trails at the ski resort. Watch the lesson, practice each technique and, in about an hour, you'll be ready for a ski around the resort.

Includes the entire video content from "Cross Country Skiing with Emily: The Basics", in 21 professionally filmed and edited view-as-you-need chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Can You Cross Country Ski?
  3. Equipment
  4. History of Cross Country Skiing
  5. Posture
  6. Eyes Ahead
  7. Go for a Walk
  8. Groomed Resorts
  9. In The Tracks
  10. Ski Poles
  1. How to Fall
  2. How to Get Up
  3. Jogging
  4. Wobbles
  5. Straight Arms Go Faster
  6. Getting In and Out of the Tracks
  7. Stopping
  8. Step Turns
  9. Wedge Turns
  10. Using the Ski Poles
  11. Hill Climbing

Emily's lesson is designed for the average person with no prior skiing experience. By the end of the lesson you will be comfortable on the beginner trails at any cross country ski resort.


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